The Maestro has moved Beyond the Event Horizon

Maestro Is No More

Stephen Haking

The death of Professor Stephen Hawking seems to have hit me in a way I could not imagine – apparently the man and his work mean something to me.

I cannot stop crying and thinking about Black Holes, The Universe and Everything. Because that is what made him Great to me. I am a humanities man – in fact I am dyscalculic so all the math involved in theoretical physics is completely beyond me. Still, it was Professor Hawking who explained it all to me – Black Holes, The Universe and Everything. His books and the documentaries he was part of… they touched my imagination, my heart and my spirit, so that I could visualize the Universe, and see it.

My wife lamented the other day that I cannot SEE the beauty of Mathemathics the way she does (she is a MathWhiz) – the inner workings of f.i the Golden Ratio. I responded:

“I can. Just not the numbers. I can SEE the Golden Ratio. I might not be able to read the music off the sheet. But I can HEAR the music.”

That is what Stephen Hawking did for me – he made it possible for me to SEE and HEAR the Music black holes, quantum physics and the Universe make. And there will be no more theories, no more visualizations, no more books, no more wild, crazy, passionate love for Black Holes, The Universe and Everything. It saddens me so very much.

The fact that he died on Pi Day and Albert Einstein’s birthday put a little smile on my face.

Thank you Professor, for making my life richer, wilder and so much more colorful!


These are the discoveries that made Stephen Hawking famous

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