Science has no gender

Science RHS Science has no gender. There is no reason for any child not to be interested in science, or work towards being a scientist. It is all about what children see themselves as. When I was a child, my mother wanted me to become a veterinarian. Despite fact that I had no aptitude for the basics in mathematics required for a high-school and college degree in Natural Sciences.   It is so easy for us –adults – to decide, based on our own prejudices what our children should become. Some girls DO want to be anything but scientists – they should be allowed to not be scientists. Just as some boys are not cut out to be scientists either. But those kids who do have an interest, aptitude and skills for being scientists, should be encouraged to work toward their goal.
Science has no gender – our thinking shouldn’t have one either.

Women in Science: Einstein’s Advice to a Little Girl Who Wants to Be a Scientist

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